Upgrading to Custom Closets

Maybe this New Year you made the resolution to “organize your life” in an effort to become more productive. If so, then stick with it! Being organized goes a long way in becoming more efficient and frees up valuable time for more interesting activities. After all, who wants to spend their weekends refolding the pile of clothes in their closet or digging through that same heap in search of a treasured shirt? With everything in its place, life is just that much easier.

Taking that first step to organize your closets most usually begins with the customization of that storage area. So, unless you already have the custom shelving. drawers, and hanging units in place, your first step should be contacting the professionals (us!) to design the perfect closet system for you. This is hardly a daunting task. It is as easy as making that call and sitting back while we do all of the work for you.

The process, in a nutshell, begins with the scheduling of a consultation which typically takes place within 24-48 hours of your initial call (or email). Yes, I know, that is quick! Or, for those of you who are way too busy even for a 20 minute free consultation, just download the Quick Quote form on our website and send us in your closet measurements. Either way, you will have the preliminary designs to you within a few hours (nice, huh?). At the consult we simply take your closet measurements, show you our portfolio of past work, display our materials and finishes, and ask a few (non-personal) questions about your habits, needs, and your deep-down closet desires.

Within a few hours, you will see an email from us (check your spam folder!) and after reading through our notes, you will see the CAD drawings of your new closet design. You will then let us know if you have any changes and/or questions which we will take care of expeditiously. Once you sign off on the final designs, we are ready to book your installation.

On the day of the installation we will show up bright, early, and promptly on time! Your closets (depending on how many) will typically be installed within one business day (or weekend day) and we will leave your home in better shape then when we arrived. After this, all you have left to do is go through your items, discard what is no longer needed, and load up your new clothing into their beautiful and elegant new home. I cannot begin to tell you the pleasure we have given to our clients when they sit back and admire their clothing neatly placed in all of the right places.

So, what are you waiting for? It is already the second week in January and we have not heard from you yet. Call us today and we will have your new closets installed before the end of the month. Mention this blog and we’ll do it cheaper as well! Come on, between the free consultation and the pleasure of meeting one of our highly personable consultants, what do you got to lose?

Happy New Year from Coast Closets!